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Steel Roofing

  • Painting Galvanized Metal

    Painting galvanized metal is a kind of painting materials. The basis material is galvanized steel coil which uses the cold roll to dip. Package & Loading Inspection 1. Measure the weight and size of package 2. Open the package 3. Measure the size of Painting galvanized...
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  • PPGI Coil

    PPGI coil is also named cold roll hot dipped prepainted galvanized steel coil. PPGI coil is based on hot dipped galvanized steel coil, and a layer or several layers of organic coatings are prepainted on the surface after the chemical degreasing and chemical conversion , and...
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  • Colour Coated Steel Roofing Sheets

    Colour coated steel roofing sheets are mostly used in construction. It is corrugated by color coated steel roofing coils. Characteristic 1. Light weight: 10-14 kg / m2, equivalent to 1/30 of brick wall. 2. Thermal insulation: core material thermal conductivity: lambda...
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  • Galvanized Coated Roofing Sheets

    Galvanized coated roofing sheets is a kind of color coated galvanized steel sheet. There are mainly wave shape and trapezoid shape. Wave Shape Trapezoid Shape Galvanized Coated Roofing Sheets in Somalia The full name of Somalia is Federal Republic of Somalia. It is located...
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  • Prepainted Coils

    Prepainted Coils are normally used in building the steel structure. The characteristic 1. Light weight, high in strength and large span. 2. The construction period of steel structure is short, and the investment cost is correspondingly reduced. 3. It is in high fire...
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  • Painting Galvanized Steel Roofing

    Painting galvanized steel roofing is including coils type and sheets types. Now we have successfully prepainted design sheet and the technology is more mature now. The most important step of the prepainted design sheet is color printing. The result of the color coating will...
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