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  • GI Sheet

    It is the short name of hot dipped galvanized steel corrugated sheet. African people often call it zero spangle GC sheet.
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  • GC Sheet

    It is mainly used in building, light industry, automobile, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and business. In the construction industry, it is mainly used in the manufacture of anticorrosive industrial and civil buildings, roof gratings, roofing gratings, etc.;
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  • GI Roof Sheet

    It is produced as the material of roofing in all over the world. GI roof sheet , galvalume steel sheet, , Al Mg alloy and other metal sheet which are sprayed on the surface of the metal base contribute to the tile type for roofing.
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  • 30 Gauge Galvanized Steel Sheet

    The full name of 30 Gauge galvanized steel sheet is hot dipped galvanized steel sheet. Ga. is the abbreviation of GAUGE. It is a kind of length measuring unit which is originated from North America and belongs to Browne & Sharpe measuring system. Originally used in the...
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  • 26 Gauge Galvanized Steel Sheet

    The full description of 26 Gauge galvanized steel sheet is hot dipped galvanized sheet. It is corrugated by the 26 Gauge galvanized steel coil. Hot dipped galvanized steel is the alloy layer of molten metal reacting with iron substrate, so that the substrate and the layers...
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  • 24 Gauge Galvanized Steel Sheet

    The full name of 24 Gauge galvanized steel sheet is hot dipped cold roll 24 Gauge galvanized steel sheet. From the Browne & Sharpe we can see the thickness of 24 Gauge galvanized steel sheet is 0.6 mm. Products Details Support by government policy All we know, the...
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  • 32 Gauge Galvanized Sheet Metal

    The full name of 32 gauge galvanized sheet metal is hot dipped galvanized steel sheet. It is corrugated from the 32 gauge galvanized steel coil.
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  • Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel Coil

    The steel materials are widely used in industry, but it is easily corroded in the atmosphere, sea water and soil. According to statistics, the annual loss of iron and steel materials in the world accounts for about 1/3 of its total output.
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  • Galvanized Steel Coil

    It is the cold roll coated with zinc which is dipped into the molten zinc bath, so that the surface is adhered to zinc. Galvanized coil greatly prolongs the service life and improves the oxidation resistance of the galvanized steel coil.
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  • Galvalume Corrugated Sheet

    Galvalume wave tile is also called Galvalume corrgated sheet,which is made of ordinary galvalume plate. To prevent the oxidation of the steel surface and prolong the life of the steel plate, it has to be pre-coated with aluminum and zinc on the substrate. Hot dipped 55%...
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  • Aluminum Galvanized Steel

    Hot dip galvalume steel sheet is also called Aluminum galvanized steel, to prevent oxidation of the substrate, Alu-zinc alloy is pre-coated on its surface, and when the zinc is worn, the aluminum forms a dense layer of alumina which prevents further corrosion of the...
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  • Galvalume Steel Sheet

    Galvalume Steel Sheet is further produced by galvalume steel coil. Aluminized zinc plate has a high thermal reflectance, twice as much as galvanized steel, and is often used as a heat-insulating material.The corrosive of the aluminium-plated zinc steel is largely due to...
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