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Prepainted Steel

  • Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil

    Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil is based on a galvanized steel coil ,first through surface pretreatment, first through surface pretreatment coating on the surface of a layer or multi-layer paint film, its paint film can be different thickness ,according to the...
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  • Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet

    Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet is also called PPGI, Zinc coated steel substrate for PPGI is typically produced on a continuous galvanizing line (CGL). The CGL may include a painting section after the hot dip galvanising section, or more commonly the metallic coated...
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  • Painting Galvanized Steel Sheet

    Painting Galvanized Steel Sheet is also know as pre-coated steel,coil coated steel,color coated steel etc,typically with a hot dip zinc coated steel substrate. Painting galvanized steel sheet refers to factory pre-painted zinc coated steel, where the steel is painted before...
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  • Color Coated Roofing Sheet

    Color Coated Roofing Sheet are manufactured using quality-assured material and advanced technology. The range of accessories is extensively appreciated in the market for its robust construction, longer functional life and high strength. Besides being effective, these...
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  • PPGI Sheet

    PPGI sheet is called prepainted galvanized steel sheet , the galvanized steel substrate of PPGI is usually produced on a continuous galvanizing line (CGL). CGL can include the spray paint section after hot dip galvanization, or more commonly the metal coating substrate that...
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  • Prepainted Steel Sheet

    Prepainted steel sheet is a highly durable roof panel with high quality color coating on the whole roof or coating. The thickness of the coating depends on weather conditions and usage. These roofing sheets are lined with enamel for lining. Prepainted steel sheet can be...
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  • PPGI Roof Sheet

    PPGI roof sheet is based on hot-dip galvanized steel coil and alloying galvanized coil have excellent performance, possessing ideal comprehensive properties of corrosion resistance, formation and coating. PPGI roof sheet can be used for advanced molding of roll forming,...
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  • Prepainted Galvalume Sheets

    Prepainted galvalume steel sheet is called PPGL sheet, due to the oxidation corrosion of steel plate, it is necessary to add anticorrosive protective coating on the surface. Generally, anti-corrosion coating is used as hot dip aluminum zinc, and its aluminum zinc alloy is 55%...
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  • Prepainted Galvalume Coil

    Prepainted Galvalume Coil based on hot dip aluminized zinc substrate, the surface pretreatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment), the surface coated with a layer or layers of organic coating, then after baking and curing of products. In addition to the...
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  • PPGL Roofing Sheet

    PPGL roofing sheet is all called prepainted galvalume steel oofing sheet. It is coated with aluminum plate (including 55 percent aluminum, 43.5 percent zinc, 1.5 percent silicon) as the base plate, and the color coating can be pre-coated on top. The different colors can be...
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