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The Market Price Keeps Falling, What Should We Do Next?
Nov 26, 2018

Recently, the steel industry is facing a wave of price cuts. In the past week, the market has been in a downturn. At present, the price has fallen to the lowest level in nearly two years. After continuing to plunge, the hot volume rebounded 0.79 percent yesterday, but continued to fall today. As far as the current market is concerned, the terminal demand continues to weaken, winter storage demand has not started, steel mills are also increasing their inventories, the market mentality is not good, and the rise lacks sufficient power. It is expected that Shanghai, hangzhou, Beijing, tianjin, hebei and other status areas narrow range consolidation, the rest of the region's steel prices will go down.

The continuous decline in prices has led to a bleak trading volume in the shopping mall. In addition, due to the limited production of environmental protection, many orders for normal production have been delayed, which has caused a certain degree of chaos in the original market. But this kind of chaos will not last long, there will always be an invisible hand in the market to control the chaos.

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