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Steel Plate As The Main Building Material In The Past 20 Years, Its Development Prospects Can Not Be Ignored
Jun 13, 2018

The China import and export fair, or Canton fair, founded in the spring of 1957, held in guangzhou during the spring and autumn every year, so far has more than 50 years of history, is currently the longest history, highest level, China's largest, most complete variety of commodity, most merchants, clinch a deal the effect of the best comprehensive trade event. It is an important symbol of China's import and export trade and reform and opening up.

The 123rd Canton fair opened in guangzhou on April 15 this year, and 20,000 Chinese enterprises will welcome nearly 200,000 global buyers in the next 20 days. The world is still looking forward to the Chinese market, despite the trade turmoil. The number of buyers at the first session of the Canton fair reached 110909, 10882 more than the previous session, making it the most popular session in recent years.

The first phase of the Canton fair is from April 15 to April 19. The exhibition mainly covers electronics and household appliances, vehicles and accessories, lighting, chemical products, hardware and tools, building materials and machinery. Including steel industry today in 11 pavilion accounts for a large proportion, many enterprises have made full preparation to welcome customers, from the point of the Canton fair site, building materials of demand is very big still, especially after carrying out a policy, need BIS certificate, makes India's steel market demand.

Steel plate as the major building materials for nearly 20 years, its development prospects are still to be reckoned with, because the steel plate of oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and beautiful sex and economic practicability, make steel plate in Africa, southeast Asia, Russia and other regions are very popular.



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