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One Belt And One Road Is The 21st Century Silk Road Economic Belt
Jun 13, 2018

"One Belt and One Road" is Silk Road Economic Belt "in twenty-first Century and" maritime Silk Road "referred to in September 2013 and October by the China President Xi Jinping proposed the building of the new Silk Road Economic Belt" and "twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road cooperation initiatives. It will fully rely on Chinese with relevant countries existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms, with the existing and effective platform for regional cooperation, the historical symbol Belt and Road Initiative to borrow the ancient Silk Road of peaceful development, hold high the banner of economic partners actively develop relations with countries along, to jointly build political trust, Economic integration, cultural inclusion interest community, fate community and responsibility community


"One Belt and One Road " expanded the scope of cooperation, cooperation in a broader field. It not only brings real cooperation dividends to all participants, but also contributes to the world's wisdom and strength to meet challenges, create opportunities and strengthen confidence.

"One Belt and One Road" bring the opportunity to China buildings. First of all, it will reflect in the energy and infrastructure construction. Manufacturing base, , and good machinery, iron and steel industry will be the first to considerate.


The influence of "One Belt and One Road" impact on China's steel industry is realistic and profound. By 2016, the basic construction of "One Belt and One Road" national investment is close to $500 billion. With the rapid growth of joint venture construction projects and iron and steel demand along the line. The demand for high technology steel for the construction of China's infrastructure steel and exports has also increased rapidly, making the international layout of the Chinese steel enterprises forward steadily.



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