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In 2018, The Government Implemented The Production Capacity And Limited Production Capacity For The Steel Industry
Jun 13, 2018

 In 2018, the government implemented the production capacity and  limited production capacity for the steel industry.

1. The iron and steel industry is still limited by the end of the heating season.

In the middle of March, heavy fog and haze in the North made it hard for many places to follow up environmental protection and limit production. At the same time, it will help alleviate the decline in steel prices since March.

2. Steel prices in the domestic market rose slightly in February

News from China Steel Industry Association website , on March 19, 2018, the domestic steel market in February is still in the weak demand of steel demand, but affected by the expected rise in the future market, steel prices slightly rebounded.

3. Official release of group standards for the first batch of China Steel Association

News from People's network, on March 19, 2018 recently, sponsored by the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, the China Iron and steel industry information standard research institute, "the China Iron and Steel Industry Association" green product design evaluation standard pipeline steel "and other 7 group standard conference" was held in Beijing.

4. In early March, the average daily output of heavy steel in key steel enterprises was 17320000 tons.



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