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Glass Fiber Board Features
Jun 13, 2018

The main technical characteristics and application of white FR4 light board: stable electrical insulation, good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, thickness tolerance exceeds the standard, suitable for high-performance electronic insulation products, such as FPC reinforcement board, tin furnace High temperature plate, carbon diaphragm, precision tour star wheel, PCB test stand, electrical (electrical) equipment insulation partition, insulation plate, transformer insulation, motor insulation, deflection coil terminal board, electronic switch insulation board, etc.

Production Process

In epoxy glass fiberboard, FR-4 fiberglass board has always maintained its absolute superiority and dominant position, occupying most of the high-end market, its main reason is the FR-4 integrated a variety of industrial performance in one And has a high degree of flame retardancy, and thus favored by the market.

FR-4 resin glue

(1) Resin glue formulation In the epoxy resin fiberglass board industry, FR-4 fiberglass board has been produced for many years, and the resin glue formulation is basically the same.

(2) Preparation methods: 1) Dimethylformamide and ethylene glycol methyl ether, stir and mix, and mix into a mixed solvent. 2) Add dicyandiamide and stir to dissolve. 3) Add epoxy resin, stir and mix. 4) 2-methylimidazole is dissolved in advance in an appropriate amount of dimethylformamide, then added to the above materials and stirring is continued. 5) After parking (curing) for 8 hours, sample the relevant technical requirements.

(3) Resin glue technical requirements: 1) Solid content 65% to 70%. 2) Gel time (171°C) 200-250s.

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