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Glass Fiber Board, Also Known As Glass Fiber Board
Jun 13, 2018

Glass fiber board, also known as glass fiber board, is generally used for soft package base layer, outside package art, leather, etc., to create a beautiful wall, ceiling decoration. The application is very extensive. With sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection, flame retardant and other characteristics.

Glass fiber board alias: glass fiber insulation board, glass fiber board (FR-4), glass fiber composite board, etc., from the glass fiber material and high heat resistance composite material synthesis, does not contain harmful to human asbestos. Has high mechanical properties and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good processability. For plastic molds, injection molds, machinery manufacturing, molding machines, drilling machines, injection molding machines, motors, PCB, ICT fixtures, table polishing pads. Injection mold molding usually requires: high temperature material and low temperature mold. Thermal insulation must be used on the same machine. Keeping the mold temperature low does not make the temperature of the injection molding machine too high. The installation of insulating insulation panels between the injection molding machine and the injection machine can meet this requirement. Shorten the production cycle, increase productivity, reduce energy consumption, and improve the quality of finished products. The continuous production process ensures the stability of product quality, prevents overheating of the machine, no electrical failure, and no oil leakage in the hydraulic system.

The plywood with the glass rod dimension adhered to the surface of the glass fiber board is manufactured under high temperature and high pressure, and its outer surface has high quality anti-humidity performance. This kind of board is suitable for manufacturing containers. The dimensions supplied are: the board width can be up to 3658 mm and the board length can be any size up to 12 meters. The content of glass fiber is 25-40% by weight. The standard colors are gray and sub-white. The board can be steam cleaned

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