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124th Canton Fair
Nov 26, 2018

It has been a month since the 124th Canton fair. From the preparation before the exhibition to the successful conclusion, the preparations have been in full swing. In the Canton fair, customers from all over the world have come to the 124th Canton fair added countless luster.

Called the Canton fair in China, import and export commodities fair held in guangzhou, during the spring and autumn every year, which is jointly organized by the ministry of commerce and the people's government of guangdong province is currently the longest history, highest level, China's largest and most complete items, to purchaser country region's most widely distributed and most, clinch a deal the effect of the best comprehensive international trade event.

Our company mains products are Galvanized steel Galvalume steel Prepainted galvanized steel and prepainted galvalume steel. Many customers are interested in our new products, such as PPCRPPGI design coil. Many customers showed great interest and asked to visit the factory after the exhibition. We warmly welcome customers to visit the factory, during the visit, there are professional staff in the side to explain the production process of products, so that customers get the maximum satisfaction. Greatly increased our order volume.

At the Canton fair, we rely on good service attitude, professional product knowledge, absolute competitive price, not only to make many new friends, but also to increase their brand effect, so that more buyers know our company's products.

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