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There are two kinds of glass fiber production process
Jun 13, 2018

There are two kinds of glass fiber production process: two molding - 坩埚 drawing method, a molding - kiln drawing method.

The enamel drawing process has many processes. First, the glass raw material is melted at high temperature into glass spheres, then the glass spheres are secondarily melted, and the glass fiber strands are drawn at a high speed. This kind of technology has various disadvantages such as high energy consumption, unstable molding process, and low labor productivity, and is basically eliminated by large glass fiber manufacturers.

The kiln drawing method melts pyrophyllite and other raw materials into a glass solution in a kiln, removes air bubbles, and then transports the bubbles through a path to a porous drain plate. The glass fiber strand is drawn at a high speed. Kilns can be connected to hundreds of splitters at the same time through multiple pathways. This process is simple, energy saving, stable, high efficiency and high production, easy to large-scale fully automated production, becoming the international mainstream production process, the glass fiber produced by the process accounts for about 90% of global production.

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