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Main classification of domestic glass fiber wet felt
Jun 13, 2018

(1) Roofing felt Used as a base material for modified waterproof materials such as bituminous waterproofing membranes, colored asphalt shingles, etc.

(2) The pipeline felt is used for the coating of petroleum and natural gas pipelines and combined with asphalt to prevent the corrosion of underground pipelines.

(3)Surface felt shaping and surface polishing of glass steel products

(4) Veneer felt for walls and ceilings to prevent paint cracking, orange peel, used to decorate large conference rooms, upscale hotels

(5) floor mats used as substrate for PVC flooring

(6) carpet mats used as base material for carpet tiles

(7) Copper Clad Laminate Attached to CCL to enhance its punching and drilling performance

(8) Battery separator mat Used as a substrate for aluminum battery separator mats.

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