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Zero Spangel Galvanized Steel Sheet

It is the short name of hot dipped galvanized steel corrugated sheet.. African people often call it zero spangle GI sheet....

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The production of zinc Spangel mainly contains lead. High-purity zinc does not produce zinc Spangel because of the lack of crystal nuclei.

In the zinc ingots used in the past, zinc ingots contain more or less a certain amount of lead, mainly because zinc and lead always coexist during the smelting, distillation and condensation of zinc ore. Therefore, people can always see the zinc flower pattern on the surface of the galvanized product. In recent years, the purity of zinc produced by electrolytic recovery method can reach 99.99% or more, so that lead is no longer present in zinc, and galvanized manufacturers can adopt lead-free (about ≤0.01%) or low-lead (about 0.01%). - 0.05%) process to produce zinc-free flower products.

The lead-free or low-lead process is to reduce the amount of nucleation in the zinc layer by reducing the lead content in the zinc solution, resulting in an increase in nucleation rate and a decrease in grain growth rate, thereby preventing zinc flower grains. Growing up. There is no large amount of grain boundary thinning and zinc flower undulation on the surface of the zinc-free flower product, and after smoothing, a very smooth surface can be obtained. This product is painted to give a high quality paint product. Another benefit of lead-free zinc flowers is that they do not cause intergranular corrosion. Intergranular corrosion is caused by the concentration of lead at the grain boundaries, which causes the mechanical properties of the zinc layer to decrease under the influence of the humid environment.


1. Galvanization can effectively prevent corrosion of steel and prolong service life.

2. Zero spangle or no spangle on the surface.

It (0.12- 0.8 mm thickness) is also called galvanized iron, commonly known as GI sheet. It is widely used in construction, vehicles, household appliances, daily necessities and other industries.



Standard of Inspection

1. Packaging.

It can be divided into two types: The simple package also called bare packaging and standard seaworthy package.Simple package is only including the steel belt and moisture proof paper. Customers consider it as unsafe package.Standard seaworthy package is including moisture proof paper, iron wrapper, steel belt and steel pallet. Workers ties the GI sheet tightly so as to prevent inner galvanized steel from rubbing against each other. Customers consider it as safe package. Nowadays most of zero spangle galvanized steel sheet packaging are requested in standard seaworthy package.

2. Standard Size

The size is thickness (0.12- 2.0 mm) and width (600-1250 mm). Length can be 1800 mm galvanized steel sheet, 2000 galvanized steel sheet, 2440 mm galvanized steel sheet ,3000 mm galvanized steel sheet , 3660 mm galvanized steel sheet , 4200 mm galvanized steel sheet and 6000 mm galvanized steel sheet.)

3. Surface Treatment

The general situation of hot dipped galvanized steel sheet because of difference in the process of galvanization, such as general spangle, regular flower, small flower, zinc free flower and so on.

4.Zinc Coating

Zinc coating can be 20-275g/m2. It is coated in two sides of steel to Prevent oxidation. The unit of galvanized steel sheet is g/m2.


Galvanized Steel Sheet Advantage

It is mainly used in building materials, light industry, agriculture, transportation and other industries. Due to the limitation of the existing equipment condition, process technology and the properties of the original zero spangle galvanized steel sheet, the galvanized sheet which is used for automobile manufacturing industry is very rare.

The advantages are excellent corrosion resistance, painting, decoration and good formability. In recent years, the amount in construction has been risen, and has become the main body of building sheet in Asia, The Middle East and Africa. All the countries in the world are studying how to expand the varieties and specifications of the zero spangle galvanized steel sheet, and improve the coating technology and quality of the galvanized steel sheet, namely corrosion resistance, anti powder exfoliation, coating and weldability. The formability and quality mainly depends on the performance of the substrate, the galvanization process , the properties and forming process conditions. It can achieve a good application effect by combining the comprehensive advanced technology.

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