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GC Sheet

It is mainly used in building, light industry, automobile, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and business. In the construction industry, it is mainly used in the manufacture of anticorrosive industrial and civil buildings, roof gratings, roofing gratings, etc.;...

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Products Description

The corrugated board is made of metal coated sheets such as color-coated steel sheets and galvanized sheets, which are cold-rolled into various wave-shaped pressed sheets. Because the special shape is very suitable as a roof, it is often purchased by African customers as the roof of the mobile house.

GC Sheet Classification

(1) According to the application part classification - divided into roof panels, wall panels, floor panels and ceiling panels. In the use, the color steel plate is used as the wall decoration board, and the architectural decoration effect is relatively novel and unique.

(2) According to the wave height classification - divided into high wave plate (wave height ≥ 70mm), medium wave plate (wave height <70mm) and low wave plate (wave height <30mm)

(3) According to the material classification of the substrate - divided into hot-dip galvanized substrate, hot-dip aluminum zinc and hot-dip galvanized aluminum substrate.

(4) Classification according to the seam structure - divided into lap joint, undercut and buckle structure. The middle and high wave plates with undercut and buckled should be used as roof panels with high waterproof requirements; the galvanized plates with spliced middle and high wave plates are used for floor coverings; the lapped low wave plates should be used as wall panels.




In order to obtain high quality surface, the foreign steel production line in 90s used the high density electrolytic degrading Technology (HCD) which was used to remove the surface oil quickly and effectively. At the same time, the full radiant tube was used in the reduction annealing furnace instead of the improved fire heating in the improved sinoamir method. The temperature and atmosphere can be strictly controlled to ensure the non oxidizing atmosphere of the stove, so as to ensure the excellent adhesion and surface quality of the coating.

The gas knife is the key component to control the thickness and evenness of zinc coating. The new air knife uses adjustable integral frame structure, which can reliably and accurately adjust the gap and angle between the gas knife and the steel strip, and adjust the distance between the gas knife and the zinc pot. The gap of the knife lip can be automatically controlled so as to ensure the degree of the homogeneity and uniformity of the zinc coating layer.

In order to improve the operating speed and production efficiency of the unit and reduce the formation of surface slag, the foreign technicians have developed the "zinc pad" technology and the "vertical zinc pot" technology.

There is a tendency that foreign customers import GC coil and corrugate it in their own factories to reduce the cost of labor.

Classification According To Zinc Flower

It is also named hot dipped galvanized steel sheet which zinc flower is divided into two kinds: one is the normal zinc flower, and the other is non zinc flower. Because of the zinc liquid lead can not be refined purely in the previous GC products, there is some zinc on the surface, so our old concept of hot dipped galvanized steel sheet is with zinc spangle.With the development of the automobile industry and the coating requirements for hot galvanized automotive panels, zinc flowers have an impact on the coating. Later, after reducing the lead content in zinc ingot and zinc liquid to dozens of PPM, we can produce GC sheets with non zinc spangle or little zinc spangle. In the roofing application,。

The normal zinc flower is the zinc flower which is condensed under the usual conditions after zinc plating. It is mainly used for general purpose. It is covered with the shape of zinc spangle like the picture below, and the appearance of leaves is very bright and beautiful. There are big flowers, normal zinc flowers and small zinc flowers, mainly used in buildings and construction roofing.

GC sheet with non spangle mainly refers to the special production process which lead is generally controlled in the zinc pot.Or after the strip steel out of the zinc pot GC coil is under a special treatment, such as the treatment of small zinc flower or zinc powder.


Inspection  QC Sheet

1. Open the package


2. Measure the dimension of package


3. Weight the package


4. Details


5. Measure the size


6. Check the weight


7. Measure the size of logo


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