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Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheets

  • Large Spangle Galvanized

    Large spangle galvanized means that on the surface of the steel plate, you can see a crystal pattern. The structure of zinc-flowered crystal shows that only the zinc-flowered crystals located on the surface of steel plate can form hexagonal star or snowflake. If the arm is...
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  • GI Steel Sheet

    GI steel sheet is also called galvanized steel corrugated sheets.GI sheet is based on the substrate after cold rolling, and a certain amount of zinc is plated on the surface. Generally speaking, the normal zinc coating content is 20g/m2, but we can coat the surface with...
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  • GI Sheet Zero Spangle

    GI sheet zero spangle is a kind of steel sheet coated with zinc and there is no spangle on the surface. Hot-dip galvanized steel strip (plate) with normal spangle (commonly known as common spangle and large spangle) is a basic variety of hot-dip galvanized steel strip...
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  • Galvanized Steel Regular Spangle

    Galvanized steel regular spangle is the hot dipped galvanized steel coil and sheet, which is a very widely used anticorrosive metal coating process Spangle is a surface morphology of hot dipped galvanized sheet coil. When the steel strip passes through the pot, liquid zinc is...
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  • Corrugated Galvanized Steel Roof Panel

    Corrugated galvanized steel roof panels are that can directly withstand roof loads. The roof is located on the roofing of the house and is usually made of corrugated galvanized steel panels. After the roof slab is assembled on the gable beam of the house, the wing slab is...
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  • Corrugated Galvanized Steel Sheet Metal

    Corrugated galvanized sheet metal is also known as galvanized sheet or white iron sheet. The thickness is 0.12-2.5 mm and it is hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and strip by continuous hot dipping from cold-rolled. The surface of the steel sheet is beautiful, with block or...
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  • Galvanized Corrugated Zinc Roofing Sheet

    The regular name of galvanized corrugated zinc roofing sheet is galvanized corrugated steel sheet for roofing. He is widely used in roof construction of movable board houses. Our products are characterized by low cost and high quality. They are exported to many African...
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  • Galvanised Corrugated Steel Sheets

    The galvanized steel sheet is also known as a galvanised iron sheet. The greatest advantages of coated steel sheets are excellent corrosion resistance, paintability, decorativeness and good formability. In recent years, the amount of coated steel sheets in automobiles has...
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  • Galvanised Corrugated Iron Roofing Sheets

    galvanised corrugated iron roofing sheets also known as galvanized steel roofing, he is known as a profiled roof in China. This roofing panel has many features such as good drainage performance, corrosion resistance, easy installation and so on.
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  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Corrugated Steel

    Hot-dip galvanizing is the current mainstream galvanizing method, which allows the steel sheet to cover a thicker zinc layer than zinc plating. Our hot-dip galvanized corrugated steel sheet has the characteristics of thick zinc layer, corrosion resistance and long life. The...
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  • Galvanised Corrugated Roofing Sheets

    The use of galvanised roofing is becoming more and more extensive, because his low cost and fast installation have become the favorite products of the construction industry in developing countries. We have a complete galvanizing line and corrugated production line to provide...
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  • Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheeting

    A galvanized corrugated steel sheet is a steel sheet which is processed by a hot-dip galvanized steel sheet by a rolling mill. He is widely used in many areas such as roofing, construction, and fences. Our galvanized sheet has been exported to many countries and regions in...
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