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Galvalume Steel

  • Galvalume Steel Building

    Because of the above characteristics of the material, Galvalume steel building made of it has been recognized around the world. It is widely used in site production, living habitation, temporary housing construction and so on. It can make houses, restaurants, hotels, cafes,...
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  • Galvanized Aluminium Roofing Sheets

    Galvanized aluminium roofing sheets is also known as GL roofing sheets.Galvanized aluminum roofing sheets is a very cost-effective roofing, exterior materials.It has been widely used in the construction industry, which has played an important role in building development...
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  • Galvalume Corrugated Sheet

    Galvalume wave tile is also called Galvalume corrgated sheet,which is made of ordinary galvalume plate. To prevent the oxidation of the steel surface and prolong the life of the steel plate, it has to be pre-coated with aluminum and zinc on the substrate. Hot dipped 55%...
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  • Aluminum Galvanized Steel

    Hot dip galvalume steel sheet is also called Aluminum galvanized steel, to prevent oxidation of the substrate, Alu-zinc alloy is pre-coated on its surface, and when the zinc is worn, the aluminum forms a dense layer of alumina which prevents further corrosion of the...
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  • Galvalume Steel Sheet

    Galvalume Steel Sheet is further produced by galvalume steel coil. Aluminized zinc plate has a high thermal reflectance, twice as much as galvanized steel, and is often used as a heat-insulating material.The corrosive of the aluminium-plated zinc steel is largely due to...
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  • Galvalume Steel Plate

    Galvalume steel plate is made by cild rolled steel sheet,adhere a layer of Alu-zinc to the surface of both sides of the sheet by contanuous hot dip galvalume steel sheet possess superior atmosphere corrosion resistance, it prolonged cold rolled steel sheets service life by...
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  • Galvalume Steel Coil

    Galvalume steel coil is produced through a process of metal coating which involves passing cold rolled coils through a kettle containing molten Alu-zinc This process ensures adhesion of Alu-zinc to the surface of the steel sheet. The Alu-zinc layer provides excellent...
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  • Galvalume Steel Sheet in Coil

    Galvalume steel sheet in coil also called GI coil, Galvalume steel is carbon steel coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy using a continuous hot dip process, combining the corrosion protection and high temperature resistance of aluminum with the formability and galvanic...
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